September 2011 Started to work for the Media Institute Fojo in Kalmar, Sweden, organizing courses and seminars for professional journalists.

Jon Beaupre, professor at California State Universtiy in Los Angeles, reads and corrects my English script on Afghanistan. 

Feb 22 Discussing the perception of Peace Journalism at lecture with masterstudents in Gobal Journalism at Örebro Universtity.

Feb 8 Lecture for masterstudents in Global Journalism on Media practises and copyright issues.

Jan 28 In charge of political debate on local economy arranged by Örebro Promotion.

29 November 17:58

Pitou och jag - om ömsesidig resekt, kärlek och tillit

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29 April 00:05

Welcome back!

It has been a while since I updated my webpage.

I have moved to Kalmar in southeastern Sweden since last time.

Here, I work for Fojo, a media institute training professional journalists. I am in charge of heading the process of creating courses and seminars for Swedish journalists.

From now on, I  will return to writing on my webpage!

2 March 08:43

It is March in Sweden, snow still covers the ground.
   It is peaceful here. A place filled with serenity, as one of the masterstudents in Global Journalism expressed it. Many come from conflict-thorn countries to study here in my hometown.
   Surrounded by serenity, I have now written a third part about Afghanistan to complete my book in English. I have translated my two books published in Sweden and written a follow-up.       
   During the last 15 years I have travelled to Afghanistan at least a dozen times. When I first arrived in the spring of 1996, Afghanistan was not really on anyones agenda. It made me mad like hell. The humanitarian situation was dreadful; the world had turned its back on the Afghan people after the Soviets withdraw in 1989.
   Then, general Muslem seemed to be so different from me. I thought that if I could write his story, I would find ways to understand more. Since then, I have tagged along Muslem and his family. Soon though, history would play its game with us; Muslem fled from frontline and war when the Talibans captured Kabul, I stayed and have since then spend more time on frontlines than he has.
   I also met Mina 15 years ago - then a young girl in the hospital with an amputated leg. It has been a privilege to assist her on her journey through life. I always visit her and her family when I am in Kabul; they are like family.
   So is Abbas and his family. Abbas was a taxi driver when I met him 15 years ago. During the Taliban time, he had to flee with his family to Iran, since then returned and now works for UN as driver.  
   I have also met political and military leaders, been there during both war- and peacetime, travelled to all corners of the country and followed the Situation well before 9/11. In my book, I also write about the culture and history of Afghanistan to help the reader understand more.
   My writing builds bridges of understanding. The working title of my English script is Muslem and I. We keep on discussing the Situation and what happens in the world. An Afghan general and I, a middleaged Swedish female. And guess what? We are not that different.   
   Now, I ´just´ need to find an international publisher......
4 March 16:27


Welcome to my new site! Welcome to Nina Hjelmgren and CISCO VISION. Please look around. With time you will find more to read and pictures to look at.

Yes, I will continue to follow developments in Afghanistan and life in general, Currently, I have returned to Califronia until March 19th.

Many warm thanks to the team at OpenIt in Örebro, Sweden, for creative and technical solutions in developing this site!


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